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Play a brand new fan-made campaign in Portal.

Portal: ERROR is a free mod that adds a brand new campaign to Portal. The mod has a much darker and more mysterious story than the original Portal campaign.

You awake in a mysterious chamber

Portal: ERROR is a creepy and dark story campaign set in the Portal universe. You wake up in the same chamber as in the original game, but otherwise many things have changed. The game does well to create a foreboding atmosphere and unsettling environment.

Fixing corrections

The premise of Portal: ERROR is that you are intended to help out in experiments, much like in Portal, but things have gone wrong. The game does not elaborate on this very much, as a feeling of isolation plays a strong role in the game. What went wrong? Are you the only one alive?

Great for horror fans

Portal is a fantastic puzzle game, and Portal: ERROR augments this by adding horror elements to the gameplay. These elements include blood, dead bodies, jump scares, creepy music, and computer glitches. Thus, while it may appeal to horror fans, it will also put off people who don't like horror or horror elements in games.

An impressively made fan mod

Portal is a game series that does not receive as many mods and fan creations as more popular games do, such as Fallout 4. That's what makes it all the more impressive that this mod is so large and well made. It has a minimalist theme and defies explanation, creating a mystery that makes you keep playing.


  • Impressively well made and complete campaign.
  • Blends horror elements into the game well.
  • Large game that will take several hours to see everything.
  • Creates a genuinely creepy atmosphere.


  • The disappointing ending is being remade by the author.
  • Strange lighting issues in some rooms.
  • Some rooms have audio issues.
  • Reuses the same puzzles as vanilla Portal.


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